A growing number of athletes are taking up the sport of Triathlon, making it the fastest growing sport in the UK.   
For many of these new Triathletes, swimming is by far the greatest challenge and can be seen as a means to an end, rather than a enjoyable and rewarding part of the sport. 
Our ‘Catch From Scratch Program’ has been development specifically for the new Triathlete, who is looking to take on anything from a Sprint Distance Triathlon up to an Ironman event with little swimming experience.   
We will look at the complete set up of your stroke from body position and Stroke Mechanics, through to breath control and rhythm and timing.  We have various packages to suit your training schedule all supported by our drill correction guide and Video Analysis Coaching.   
For more information email –  or call 07879990708 to discuss your requirements. 


“I thought I had a good swim stroke as my swim times have always been very quick. However seeing my stroke and breaking it down using your swim drills I have not only just competed with a personal best but feel more relaxed and smoother in the water.
Thank you so much”

Sarah Walker